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Does Buddhism have the Only Truth?

“All Of Us”- Metta Series : Part 1 : Exalted Release Of Mind

This is the First in a five part series. Here are the links to all parts: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 This series is a fairly comprehensive treatise on Metta, both what the Buddha taught about it, and putting it into practice in ourlives. There are a variety of methods but only two practiced come close to what the … Read More “All Of Us”- Metta Series : Part 1 : Exalted Release Of Mind

[Audio] The Buddha Center : Sutta Discussion: MN109 Mahapunnama Sutta

The Greater Discourse on the Full moon Night

Tumblr Topics : Castles Made of Sand : On Disenchantment, Dispassion, and Freedom.

Castles Made of Sand, Fall In the Sea, Eventually.

Mindfulness of Death Series : Part 1 : Run Away! Run Away!

View post on imgur.com “The Blessed One said, “Mindfulness of death, when developed & pursued, is of great fruit & great benefit. It gains a footing in the Deathless, has the Deathless as its final end. Therefore you should develop mindfulness of death.” This next series will be smaller than the previous metta series although no less important. That topic is of course death. … Read More Mindfulness of Death Series : Part 1 : Run Away! Run Away!

Is the First Noble Truth Really Pessimistic?

How to Let Go of a Loved One you Fear to Lose.

[Audio] BI Metta Retreat : Talk #1 : Introduction to Metta

First talk from the Metta Retreat at the beginning of the month is up. Using a new audio website called, CLYP, please provide feedback regarding the quality and ease of use. [Buddhist Insights : Metta Retreat: #1 “Introduction To Metta” ](https://clyp.it/zfrtdhck)

Audio: Basic Mindfulness of Breathing Guided Meditation

link to download mp3 – https://archive.org/details/MindfulnessOfBreathingGuidedMed

Q&A Excerpt : Relationships, Attachment, and Suffering

“As long as I have relationships will I always suffer?” – Short answer? Yes, BUT….

Time is a Meditation Killer

There are some people who will light a stick of incense in front of them before they sit down to meditate and then make a dramatic determination that they won’t get up until the incense has completely burned down. Then they start meditating, but after only five minutes they feel as if a whole hour has passed and when they open their eyes to … Read More Time is a Meditation Killer

Email Response: Insight from the Suttas In Turbulent Times.

If people wish to affect change in their world they can’t do it angry in an echo chamber, that is like trying to find your way through a maze in thick fog while drunk.

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