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Feeling (in/as) Feeling

Body as Body

Generosity, Giving, and Letting Go

Cultivating the Habit of Letting Go

The Five Precepts

One Year as a Bhikkhu

Video marking two years in robes, and one year as a Bhikkhu, joys and struggles, positives and negatives.

Understanding Anatta

What Was Lost, Has Been Found.

Dukkha : Laying Down The Burden

Dhamma Talk : Sīla Division of the Noble Eightfold Path : Part I

First Precept, Kamma, and Killing Bugs

Life is almost never simply black and white, and living by the precepts is rarely easy.

Sharpen those skills,It’s going to be a tough quest :)

Responding to the question ‘ does meditation get easier?” TL:DR : Nope…but.. The Buddha called it the “Noble Quest” (ariyapariyesana), I’ve not found a greater one yet.  

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