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5th Vassa Halfway Vlog

Today marks the halfway point on my special 5th Vassa living in a tent here in California. I made a vlog with some reflections of my time here, and my path and practice. Made shorter videos to handle mountain internet upload speed 🙂. part 1 : part 2 : part 3 : part 4 :

Attachment and letting go

I wrote this on facebook just about two weeks or so before moving to the monastery to become a monastic, 7 years ago: “Its a funny thing that even when we think we have little attachment in life, we have no clue to what extent we live attached to everything, big and small. When you begin the process of leaving everything you’ve ever known, … Read More Attachment and letting go

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been supporting me with Dana in the last year or so of me being a nomad monk. Since i am no longer living at and being supported by an established and well supported monastery, this support has been extra special in helping with medical, travel, and requisite needs. It was hard for me to … Read More Thank You

Tour of my Vassa campsite

Vassa and Travels

Don’t Maintain a Fault-Finding Mind

5.10. Yasadatta With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They’re as far from the true teachingas the earth is from the sky. With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They fall away from the true teaching,like the moon in the waning fortnight. With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They wither away in the true teaching,like a fish in too little … Read More Don’t Maintain a Fault-Finding Mind

It’s All About Letting Go

“This mind is always anxious,this mind is always stressed about stresses that haven’t arisen and those that have.If there is a state free of anxiety,please answer my question.” “Not without understanding and austerity,not without restraining the sense faculties,not without letting go of everything,do I see safety for living creatures.”

No Time to Waste

“Three things are coming, like a wall of flame:death, disease, and old age.No power can stand before them,and no speed’s enough to flee. Don’t waste your day,a little or a lot.Every night that passes shortens your life by that much. Walking or standing,sitting or lying down:your final night draws near;you have no time to be careless.”

Expanding to Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee

I’ve officially started uploading videos to three other major platforms since going through the multiple banning issues on youtube. I’m still getting use to the two channels and will be uploading as I can. You can find the links to my channels here : Odysee : Bitchute : Rumble :

5 Part Dhamma talk going over SN 22.22 “The Burden” , one of the most profound teachings from the suttas.

In this series I go over each section of Bhara sutta, each video is approx 8 minutes. The first video is larger because youtube wont let me edit it, but I have a direct link in description.

The Ear is on Fire

Supporting Bhikkhunis

“Wicked One, I will not become fully extinguished until I have monk disciples … nun disciples … layman disciples … laywoman disciples who are competent, educated, assured, learned.Not until my spiritual life is successful and prosperous, extensive, popular, widespread, and well proclaimed wherever there are gods and humans.’” Just a quick message, if you are a Buddhist and care about the longevity of the … Read More Supporting Bhikkhunis

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