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Back East

Today is my last day in Colorado and the end of a four and a half month journey. I take a red eye flight(11:30pm) tonight to florida and a morning flight back to New Jersey. Colorado was great, made some friends, learned a lot, got to go into the mountains, and discuss my vision with a few people. In a week all my livestream … Read More Back East

Not-Soul Mates

from an old facebook post: Lately I’ve been getting a bunch of questions on my old tumblr account, not sure why, but I figured my response to this question about soulmates might be helpful or insightful to some : Does Buddhism have anything similar to soulmates/ spiritual partners/companions? I’ve heard about the idea of “khu barami” in Thailand, but I’m not sure if this … Read More Not-Soul Mates

Travels Update

My nomadic journey continues, my stay at Abhayagiri was very fruitful and ive been invited to visit again in the future , today its a drive down to LA to stay a few days at the Indonesian Vihara there. ive been asked to do a day long retreat with them on Saturday, then Sunday I catch my flight to Colorado where i’ll be spending … Read More Travels Update

Maggasekha has joined Zoom

Maggasekha now has a paid zoom channel. Keep an eye out in the the future as I have a few plans. I think ill be offering monthly weekend retreats starting in 2022, and one off events such as a children’s meditation class and an in depth sutta study series in the Mahasatipatthana sutta. if you have any ideas for events you’d like me to … Read More Maggasekha has joined Zoom

Settling in at KBV

I’m here on the next step of my journey, hanging out off grid(yep, not even power grid) with two tough hard working wilderness Bhikkhunis, Ayya Santussica and Ayya Cittananda of Karuna Buddhist Vihara. I am still due a final video from my Vassa with the DhammaDharini Ayyas, its been a hectic kathina weekend and Im still recovering and settling in. I also feel like … Read More Settling in at KBV

5th Vassa is now over, but the Journey Continues.

My 5th Vassa , and my time at Aranyabodhi Hermitage is at an end, and the rest of my travels begins. I do not return to NJ until November 28th. In a few days I’ll be spending time at Karuna Buddhist Vihara with Ayya Cittananda and Ayya Santussika Bhikkhuni, then its off to Abhayagiri for a week and after that down to LA to … Read More 5th Vassa is now over, but the Journey Continues.

5th Vassa Halfway Vlog

Today marks the halfway point on my special 5th Vassa living in a tent here in California. I made a vlog with some reflections of my time here, and my path and practice. Made shorter videos to handle mountain internet upload speed 🙂. part 1 : part 2 : part 3 : part 4 :

Attachment and letting go

I wrote this on facebook just about two weeks or so before moving to the monastery to become a monastic, 7 years ago: “Its a funny thing that even when we think we have little attachment in life, we have no clue to what extent we live attached to everything, big and small. When you begin the process of leaving everything you’ve ever known, … Read More Attachment and letting go

Thank You

I just wanted to thank all of you who have been supporting me with Dana in the last year or so of me being a nomad monk. Since i am no longer living at and being supported by an established and well supported monastery, this support has been extra special in helping with medical, travel, and requisite needs. It was hard for me to … Read More Thank You

Tour of my Vassa campsite

Vassa and Travels

Don’t Maintain a Fault-Finding Mind

5.10. Yasadatta With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They’re as far from the true teachingas the earth is from the sky. With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They fall away from the true teaching,like the moon in the waning fortnight. With fault-finding mind, the dullardlistens to the victor’s instruction.They wither away in the true teaching,like a fish in too little … Read More Don’t Maintain a Fault-Finding Mind

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