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Morning Monastery Experience & Dhammapalooza

So my youtube channel is still shut down, waiting on the appeal to go through, until such time I’m going to look into using alternative programs. For Tomorrows 8:30am Morning Monastery Experience, i’m going to try Facebook Live If my youtube Channel is not up by tomorrow night for Dhammapalooza, I’m going to try twitch :

Appeal Returned, Account Restored.

Youtube Account Deleted

About two hours after my morning live-stream I received this email : I’m attempting to appeal and will keep everyone informed.

Thought of the Day Excerpt

The Pernicious Folly of Group Kamma

One particularly pernicious and frankly evil view/misconception of Kamma in Buddhism is this idea of “group kamma”. That you are responsible for the actions of others in the past. I cannot speak to the other traditions, but when you read the Early Buddhist Texts(Nikayas in Pali, Agamas in Sanskrit) as far as I can tell I’ve yet to ever see one place where the … Read More The Pernicious Folly of Group Kamma

Dhammapalooza 8pm

I was told that my announcements for Dhammapalooza making a post on this channel often take many hours to show up on peoples emails, so I’m making one early today. Here is the link for tonight –

Upcoming Online Retreat

In about two weeks I’ll be doing an online retreat with Southern Dharma – Topic is the Divine messengers. This is a rare event for me in that the organization does charge for the event, although they assure me that they don’t turn away people due to money issues and if the regular scholarship stuff isn’t enough you can speak to them directly … Read More Upcoming Online Retreat

My Goodbye to Lay Life

thanks to the wonders of facebook memories, I get to know that 7 years ago today I announced to the greater world that I was leaving to the monastery(in about 6 months) and leaving lay life behind : So I have some news that I figured I’d share on here since everyone who would care to know can see it all at once and … Read More My Goodbye to Lay Life

Morning Monastery Experience.. in the Mountains

Morning Monastery Experience continues into its 5th month. Monday-Friday 8:30am eastern join me for 20-30 minutes of precepts, chanting, and short Dhamma talks(Thought of the Day).Come join our community each morning as we start the day off well with Dhamma. – Now featuring views of the mountains and big sky 🙂


In one hour join the MaggaSekha Community on Youtube tonight for Dhammapalooza! A night of Dhamma, including : Chanting, Sutta Readings, Dhamma Talks, Guided Meditation, Q&As, and Community Discussion. Come join the MaggaSekha community for an evening of Dhamma starting 8pm.

Rambling Monk

The nomadic life continues. After four months with the wonderful Indonesian Family of NYC, I’m back in the mountains on the farm, feeling good, energized, and clear, the air out here is so different then NJ/NYC. Here for the next two months, then after that, rambling on once more.”Lord(Buddha) I was born a rambling monk, trying to share the Dhamma and doing the best … Read More Rambling Monk

Nomad Life Continues : New Location

After four months in Queens NYC with the Indonesian Family of NYC, I’ve moved on. Currently back in West Virginia at the farm stead featured in my recent article about Vassa Americana. Will be here until about the end of April before moving on again. Current Mailing Address is : 2654 Carpers Pike, High View, Wv, 26808

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