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No Time to Waste

“Three things are coming, like a wall of flame:death, disease, and old age.No power can stand before them,and no speed’s enough to flee. Don’t waste your day,a little or a lot.Every night that passes shortens your life by that much. Walking or standing,sitting or lying down:your final night draws near;you have no time to be careless.”

Expanding to Bitchute, Rumble and Odysee

I’ve officially started uploading videos to three other major platforms since going through the multiple banning issues on youtube. I’m still getting use to the two channels and will be uploading as I can. You can find the links to my channels here : Odysee : Bitchute : Rumble :

5 Part Dhamma talk going over SN 22.22 “The Burden” , one of the most profound teachings from the suttas.

In this series I go over each section of Bhara sutta, each video is approx 8 minutes. The first video is larger because youtube wont let me edit it, but I have a direct link in description.

The Ear is on Fire

Supporting Bhikkhunis

“Wicked One, I will not become fully extinguished until I have monk disciples … nun disciples … layman disciples … laywoman disciples who are competent, educated, assured, learned.Not until my spiritual life is successful and prosperous, extensive, popular, widespread, and well proclaimed wherever there are gods and humans.’” Just a quick message, if you are a Buddhist and care about the longevity of the … Read More Supporting Bhikkhunis

Thought of the Day on Vedana and Anatta

Nomadic Monk Update

Its been a while since I did a nomad monk update, which I usually do during a transition period. A few weeks back I left the secluded mountain top farm in West Virginia and I’m currently in New Jersey, mostly doing some housekeeping things( had a visit with my PCP, blood work, dental, vaccinations, etc etc) . In terms of where I’ll be next, … Read More Nomadic Monk Update

“if your peace depends on external conditions, you have no peace”

at Empty Cloud ‘s Vesak yesterday I got to listen to a talk from Ajahn Passano, and one story of Ajahn Chah that the Ajahn gave stood out for me, both as a rare Chah story I’ve not heard, and also for how “Chah” it is(yes I’m a Ajahn Chah fanboy, so what ?:P). As far as I remember the story was about a … Read More “if your peace depends on external conditions, you have no peace”

Maggasekha Patreon Created

for those unaware, patreon is a website where people can help donate to people who create things. Various Buddhist organizations also use it as a vehicle for donations. Patreon is not used as a way to support me directly like regular Dana. donating via patreon is specifically and only for helping Maggasekha with the various fees ( for instance this website is 120+ a … Read More Maggasekha Patreon Created

First video on Bitchute – Diversification begins

Due to my recent issues with youtube banning my channel twice, I’ve decided to start uploading to other video sharing websites. I’ve had accounts on places like vimeo, bitchute, and other websites for years, but never got to doing any uploading on them, but now is as good a time as any to start. if you use bitchute you can check out my channel … Read More First video on Bitchute – Diversification begins

Colorado Visit

For my Colorado friends, I’m planning a trip this summer or fall. The idea of moving to Colorado has been something I’ve mentioned on here before. Over the last year the number of people from Colorado I’ve come to know has greatly increased, as well as offers of a bed to stay in when I visit. When I come to Colorado will depend on … Read More Colorado Visit

New Email List

I started up a mailchimp email list/ mini newsletter for those who wish to keep in touch with my comes and goings, especially in the next few years as I start to make my moves towards settling in Colorado and creating the organization. you can join it by clicking on the “MS ORG Newsletter” link at the top of the page.

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