[Audio] The Buddha Center : Sutta Discussion: MN109 Mahapunnama Sutta

The Greater Discourse on the Full moon Night

A sutta discussion regarding the 5 Aggregates :

[The Buddha Center : Sutta Discussion : MN 109 – Mahapunnama Sutta](https://clyp.it/lndinykm)

link to written sutta for following along here – http://www.yellowrobe.com/component/content/article/120-majjhima-nikaya/315-mahpuama-sutta-the-greater-discourse-on-the-full-moon-night.html

[Audio] BI Metta Retreat : Talk #1 : Introduction to Metta

First talk from the Metta Retreat at the beginning of the month is up. Using a new audio website called, CLYP, please provide feedback regarding the quality and ease of use.

[Buddhist Insights : Metta Retreat: #1 “Introduction To Metta” ](https://clyp.it/zfrtdhck)