Dhammapalooza Tonight

Morning Monastery Experience – Temporary Time Change

this week only, monday-wednesday, MME will be at 8:30.

we’ll see if I can still do MME next week, while staying with Bhante Rahula

Dhammapalooza Tonight

Dhammapalooza Tonight, 8pm NY time

No MME Today

have to cancel MME, see you on monday.

Canada Visit 2023

Hello my Canadian friends. A supporter has made an offer to bring me up to Canada, and a few other people on livestreams when it was mentioned also sounded interested in participating/helping. I wanted to use this post as a way to connect all my Canadian supporters together in planning my visit up there this year, if all goes well. So if you would like to help figure out logistics, or have invites for me to visit or share Dhamma at a place, definitely send me an email.

Final Retreat of 2022 Starts Friday

The last Maggasekha Zoom Retreat for 2022 starts next weekend. Come join us for a retreat covering Generosity, Gratitude, and Goodwill.


Morning Monastery Experience Starts Up Tomorrow, December 1st

It’s been half a year since we were able to do it, but for now we should have a few months to get back into the regular MME schedule. We’ll start it back up for 8am New York time.

Many of you may be new and have no idea what MME is, well it is what the name implies, a way for laity to have a brief half hour experience of what a typical morning puja is like in a monastery, complete with precepts, chanting, and a small Dhamma talk to start your day off right :).

See you on youtube tomorrow morning 8am.

Special Dhammapalooza from Down Under


Australia Update

first week in Australia done, spent in Sydney and Canberra, now flying to Perth for a week at Bodhinyana.

Australia so far is great, but looking forward to staying in one place for a week and settling in, its been a whirlwind.

Australia Itinerary

In a few days ill be flying out to Australia for the month of November. I know I have some Australian friends who have wanted to possibly connect while I’m down there, so I decided to post my Itinerary.

from November 1-4 Ill be in Sydney with bhante Sujato at Lokantha, will be doing pindapat with him and also doing some touring with locals.

Ill be in Canberra on the 4th and 5th

Then Bodhinyana 7-14

Newburry 14-19

Dhammagiri 19-21

Back to Sydney for a day or two

Santi 24-27


Flight out 29th

Final Podcast Clips

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