Two New Retreats for May and June

Two new weekend zoom retreats coming in May and June

First on living the Noble eightfold Path : the weekend of  May 14&15 :

Second is on Satipatthana, the foundations of mindfulness, the weekend of June 25&26 :

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“Does Buddhist advocate improving material conditions to help people get to a more content state”

Dhammapalooza in 6 Hours

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Available for Travel, Visiting and Sharing Dhamma

Hello friends,

I just wanted to write this reminder to share as things open up that I am open to accepting invites for travel , both to share Dhamma, or just to visit for a time, or for Vassa invites. Of course Zoom sessions are also always on the table.

As a Nomad monastic I truly rely on the generosity of individuals for places to stay, food to eat, clothing and medicine and all the other little things related to sharing DHamma in the modern age. I am grateful for all of you who support me with monetary donations. This year so far has been a big learning lesson for me in impermanence as plans fall through and I need to rely on fewer people for a place to stay. It’s an interesting time to investigate fears and motivations as things become more uncertain, however I do keep in mind one important thing Ajahn Brahm told me years ago, “Trust in Kamma to Provide”. So I try to balance out how much I plan and actively try to get things happening, with letting go, I don’t quite know I have that balance down just yet.

If you’d like me to come to your neck of the woods, for a weekend to share Dhamma, or to hang around for a few weeks, feel free to send me an email and we can talk about it. I’m pretty much free of long term schedules now, so I’m open.

Facebook Memory from the Early Days.

Bhikkhu Jayasara
March 27, 2015 ·
Shared with Public

Ive been doing a lot of contemplation on my life lately. One of the good things about living at a monastery is that even if its busy you can still find a little time for said activity.

Ive come to the conclusion that there are two things in this life that have brought me the most joy and happiness.

Those two thing are:

1) the freedom I’m ever so slowly developing through insight gained in my meditation practice. There truely is no deeper joy.

2) the true pure joy of knowing you’ve played a part in helping someone else better their lives in some way or get through something tough. Whether thats been helping my wife through the last years of her life, helping to raise my nephew into a good person, to the handful of times i helped a parent determined to better themselves at CPS and saw the transformation, to doing what i could to motivate a goruck teammate or a bhavana retreatant not to quit.

I’ve come to realize that even though I dream of being by myself in the woods meditating for the rest of my life, im at my best when doing what I can to help others. Since a small child ive always wanted to help others.

Sometimes I joke to myself that i must be like that guy from one of my favorite tv shows quantum leap, who leaps into the bodies of others to help fix people’s lives etc.

but ive come to realize that helping without wisdom can be something that does more harm then good. Now I try to stick to my limits of what i can do and point elsewhere when the situation is beyond me.

So I just need to make sure ive helped myself before i help others, because as the buddha said.. If you are stuck in a raging river and can’t cross, how can you help others cross?

Im so very grateful for all the people ive met in this life and all the experiences ive had, “good” or “bad”. Im most grateful now to be in a place where i can do the upmost to help myself and others better our lives, and through doing so the world around us as well.


Zoom Retreat April 1-3 with Upavana

Tahn Pamutto of Upavana( and myself will be doing a jointly lead Zoom retreat the weekend of April 1- 3. Come join us for a weekend of Dhamma with a variety of topics covered.

sign up here –

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Insight Timer Session This Saturday

I do live stream sessions on Insight Timer these days. If you have the program and want to join, check the link below:

When I Made it Public for the First Time..

“8 Years Ago
See your memories
Bhikkhu Jayasara
Shared with Public

So I have some news that I figured I’d share on here since everyone who would care to know can see it all at once and save me a lot of explaining. For some this news may seem out of the blue and for others not so much. Close friends and family have been aware of my desire for some time.

Long story short, I’m leaving; work, the state, lay life, etc. For the past few years I have been working on and moving towards what we in Buddhism call “renouncing”, ie becoming a monk. It is not a decision I have taken lightly, as this is nearly four years in the making. Yes my plan is to leave what most people would consider a good job and a good life,its not something I could ever really expect anyone to understand, but I have amazing family and friends who are supportive beyond words.

So whats the deal? Well I’ve been accepted to enter into the monastery as a resident with intent to renounce. The process of becoming fully ordained as a monk will take up to two years, that is if the monastery feels I am worthy of ordaining and I still feel this decision is for me, there are no guarantees. There are many inherent risks involved in doing something like this, but I have always trusted my gut and never let fear of the future hold me back. The die is cast, I plan to go into the monastery somewhere around June 1st.

Nothing in life is certain.. ever.. except death anyways. I know in my heart and in my gut that this life and this decision is for me, but life has it’s own plans and we also change our minds over the course of time. At this point in my life and my practice it is my sincerest wish to live the life of a monk until my dying breath, only time will tell, who knows what the future holds. #studentofthepath”

Dhammapalooza Tonight 8pm Est

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