In this short clip from the morning “Thought of the Day”(Monday-Saturday 8am Eastern). We are traveling through Dependent Origination and now come up to which what is possibly one of the most important areas for developing insight in our practice. The Second Noble Truth: How our thirst keeps us in Samsara.

This weeks Dhammapalooza is complete and up

Dhammapalooza 8pm

In one hour join the MaggaSekha Community on Youtube tonight for Dhammapalooza! A night of Dhamma, including : Chanting, Sutta Readings, Dhamma Talks, Guided Meditation, Q&As, and Community Discussion. Come join the MaggaSekha community for an evening of Dhamma starting 8pm.

Join Me This Morning…

And every morning for the short term future at 8am Est for 30 Minutes of PPT ( Precepts, Puja, and Dhamma Thought of the Day)

Dhammapalooza Recording Up

First Dhammapalooza in over five months went well. Join us next week, Same Dhamma time, Same Dhamma channel.

Dhammapalooza Returns : Mondays 8pm Eastern

In one hour(8pm Eastern) at this link :

I’ll be doing a two hour “Dhammapalooza” livestream that will consist of chanting, sutta reading, dhamma talks, Q&As and community discussion. Come for a half our or stay the whole time! Join the MaggaSekha community for some good wholesome Dhamma fun.

Resuming Weekly Online Teachings and Livestreams

Thanks to my Indonesian benefactors I am able to be in a stable place for a time, and I can resume my live streaming and online sessions. all of my personal livestreams will be at my youtube channel live link, here :


Daily 8am Eastern : While I am here I will be doing a daily short 20-30 minute precepts,chanting and Dhamma thought of the day, ala Bhavana Society.

Monday Night : 8pm-10pm Eastern, : Livestream “Dhammapalooza” : Sutta Readings, Chanting, Dhamma Talk, Q&A and Community Discussion

Sunday Morning 9:30am Eastern, : Vihara Parivara Dhamma Acala – Indonesian Buddhist Temple, hosts a weekly talk and Q&A at this youtube channel :

I will be doing most of these Sunday morning sessions while I am here, sometimes they will have other monastics from different places giving the talk and Q&A as well.

I also will do my regular sessions on the discord sangha and on second life:

Saturday Night : 5pm Eastern : Satuday Session on Second Life

Sunday Night : 6pm Eastern : Sutta Smunday on the Discord Sangha

Currently Residing at:

My Monastic Nomad life continues. My stay at Empty Cloud is over, and for the short term future I’m currently residing at Vihara Parivara Dhamma Acala – Indonesian Buddhist Temple in Queens NYC: 86-40 56th Ave, Queens, NY 11373

I have no permanent place to stay, so I’ll keep wandering. How long I’ll be here, who knows? where I’ll be next? who knows! only time will tell what opportunities will arise. A very different life then the past few years, but I suspect it will be an interesting journey

Remembering Common Humanity

This is an Excerpt from a post I made on Facebook a few years back, with a message that is timeless:

When it comes to people who serve the public, the public usually will only engage with the employee if they have something to yell or complain about.

I think it’s a good practice to train ourselves to do the opposite – Today I’m traveling to nyc and when I went to the bus station to check in there was the same woman from almost a year ago, from when I missed my bus and had all kinds of problems.

I remembered this woman because she was so kind, patient, and helpful, so when I saw her again I had to tell her about last year and thank her, I could tell it really made a difference and she was happy and grateful.I’m sure most of us have at least some experience serving the public in register style jobs… I always hated that, mostly because of the public , and how dehumanizing it became.

I tell the story in some of my Dhamma talks about an experience I had on one such a register in my youth, and how one person changed everything for me , for a brief period anyway, and I remember it to this day. I worked at a place called wawa, similar to a sheets or 7-11 or whatever you have near you, and I hated being on register( mostly I loved being the deli guy ), the people were grumpy, in a rush, barely acknowledging your human existence, and craving their coffee and cigarettes.

It takes a rare person to maintain happy customer service when your dehumanized. I tried, but wasn’t always so good at it. But in all the dozens or hundreds of hours I spent on that register, it’s one or two minutes I remember, one person came up to me, looked at my name tag and called me by my name, said hello, and engaged in human-ness for the brief time we were in each other’s lives.

I remember to this day my mind-state, like I was in a fog, a protective bubble that sheltered my humanity, and this person reached in and took me out for that short period, my mind became happy and bright , and then not long after that person left, it was back to I need these cigarettes and that coffee etc.

I’m still grateful to this day for that person who gave me that gift , and ever since then I try to pass it forward because I know how powerful it can be. On the bus I saw a sticker on the window “ tell us about your driver!” How many people take a brief period out of their day to call and praise their driver? But when they are angry they have all the time in the world to do it don’t they?

So be kind to people who serve you, remember their humanity, and praise them , call up the call center for their company and leave a good review, there are enough people bitching and complaining, give that person a gift of a happy bright mind, even if it’s short lived. In any situation , with any person, remember your common humanity.

Q&A Except Archives

Back in 2016/2017 when i had more time and recorded, edited, processed, and uploaded all talks at Bhavana, I had lots of time to upload videos. I never got around to making most of them public, still have around 100 sitting unpublished, will release them peacemeal as I have time.

Four Years as a Bhikkhu Video

Online Live Stream Event/Retreat Announcement

Just a heads up that i am now available to do live stream events and retreats. In eleven days i’ll be doing my presentation on Nalanda West. Also going to be doing some college live streaming soon , and already have a virtual retreat scheduled in 2021.

If any of my friends who have invited me to share Dhamma with their groups in the past , or anyone new who hasn’t yet, want me to do something virtual, I am in NJ now so internet is not an issue like it was in the mountains. I can do video streaming.

Send me an email over at

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