Ask a Bhante

Dhammapalooza in One Hour

No MME Today

Not feeling too well today friends so I’m going to rest. See you tomorrow.

Ask a Bhante

Dhammapalooza Tonight

Ask a Bhante

Dhammapalooza Tonight

Dhammapalooza Tonight in three hours, 8pm Eastern, come Join the community for two hours of Dhamma.

The State of Maggasekha, Colorado, and the Nomad Life

Some musings about the past year and the future.

New Ask a Bhante is Up

A Vision for Maggasekha

for people newer to the community, a video I made about a year ago explaining my vision for Maggasekha. What I am focusing on and where I’d like the future organization to go.

Morning Monastery Experience Continues

MME will continue for now, 8am NY time as always. For those who do not know what MME is, its a half hour precepts/chanting/ Dhamma teaching that emulates what you attend in the morning at Bhavana Society and many other monasteries. It’s a great way to start the day with Dhamma, and Dhamma friends.

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Currently Residing at Lion of Wisdom

I’m now settled in to Lion of Wisdom in Maryland with Bhante Rahula, until the end of February. All my regular events should continue as normal unless in a special case they coincide with something Bhante Rahula is doing.

The address in case people want to send mail – 25725 Long Corner Rd.
Gaithersburg, MD 20882

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