Dhammapalooza 8pm est With first Guest Monastic.

Dhammapalooza, Mondays at 8 pm est, is a weekly two-hour Livestream event of Dhamma. It often includes chanting, sutta readings, Q&A, Dhamma talks, and guided meditations.

It is community-guided, so the topics and flow of each Dhammapalooza is different while maintaining the same basic core aspects mentioned above.

Updated “about” page

I updated the about page, took out a lot of old info and streamlined it. I also added a basic Maggasekha Mission Statement :

Maggasekha(Student of the Path) is a Buddhist organization being built by Bhikkhu Jayasara and friends. The main mission of Maggasekha is Dhammaduta(propagation and growth of Dhamma) in the Americas. Long-term plans include the development of a Forest Monastery(s), Retreat Center(s), distribution of free EBT Dhamma teachings, both in print and digital, regular online teachings, as well as Buddhist outreach to the greater culture and population of the various countries of the Americas.

Next Maggasekha Retreat Starts Next Weekend

spots are still available, come join me for a weekend retreat.


Ask a Bhante

Dhammapalooza Tonight

8pm Eastern on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch

Q&A Excerpts

Every once in a while I remember I have dozens of Q&A Excerpts I uploaded but never released on my youtube channel , going back to 2017. Going to try and make it a habit to release one a day until they are all out. I won’t post each one on facebook, but every once in a while I may.

New Retreat in Development

New Maggasekha Retreat coming in August , developing it from scratch, First Glimpse :

The Suttas: Framework for Study and Practice

The Suttas are the collection of the earliest teachings of the Buddha. They contain ageless wisdom and, and are a basis for study and practice.

They are also repetitive, hard to get into, and contain a cultural context that can be at times confusing and alien to us in the modern world. These and other factors can act as a barrier to entry and a place of confusion for many people new to Buddhism, and experienced meditators alike.

Join Bhante J for a weekend of understanding the purpose and place of the Suttas on our Buddhist path.

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Falling on the Rough Path

recently I had a comment on one of my posts:

” Thank you so much for remaining steadfast in sharing dhamma. I fall short so often in my practice, and this reminder helps so much.”

My response was swift, but actually a good reminder :

“Falling short is ok, so long as you are falling forward 😉

For most of us the practice call feel like falling, all of the time, but so long as you are falling in the right direction, ie “falling forward” then you are making progress.

This reminds me of one of my favorite encapsulations of the path :

“The true Middle Way is not a comfortable highway built out of easy compromises, but a lonely, steep ascent, which requires the renunciation of craving and the ability to endure hardship and discomfort.”

if the path is easy, you probably aren’t doing the path 🙂

Kamada sutta : (https://suttacentral.net/sn2.6/en/suddhaso?reference=none&highlight=false)

“But this path, Blessed One, is rough and hard to travel.”

“Though it’s rough, hard to travel,

the noble ones, Kāmada, go on their way.

The ignoble fall headfirst on a rough path.

But the path of the noble ones is smooth,

for the noble ones are smooth amid the rough.”

we are not arahants yet, we fall headfirst on the rough path, but keep falling forward and then eventually you too can be smooth amid the rough.


A really neat website that was created by a senior monastic I know (who prefers to remain anonymous and has no social media) , has a new service where you can sign up to have one sutta a day arrive to you via email to read.

This is a great website and it is very rare that these random less known websites are actually run by monastics and not someone who knows who they may be.

DHammapalooza Tonight 8pm est

Livestreamed on Youtube, Facebook, and Twitch

Dhammapalooza, Mondays at 8pm est, is a weekly two our livestream event of Dhamma. It often includes chanting, sutta readings, Q&A, Dhamma talks, and guided meditations.

It is community guided, so the topics and flow of each Dhammapalooza is different, while maintaining the same basic core aspects mentioned above.

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