Podcast Clips

Podcast Clips

Podcast Clips

over the next week or so I’ll be posting various clips from the podcast I was on from last year/.

Dhammapalooza Tonight

It’s Monday, which means Dhammapalooza! 8pm NY time.

Dhammapalooza, Mondays at 8 pm est, is a weekly two-hour Livestream event of Dhamma. It often includes chanting, sutta readings, Q&A, Dhamma talks, and guided meditations.

It is community guided, so the topics and flow of each Dhammapalooza is different while maintaining the same basic core aspects mentioned above.

Going to Cali, No Sessions.

taking a flight to San Francisco today , so no weekend Dhamma sessions on Insight Timer or Monday night Dhammapalooza.

Maggasekha Retreat Resource Page

This page is to serve as a general location for links and resources related to Maggasekha retreats:

Simile of the Ember

walking meditation

Dhamma Mind maps


interview sign up


retreat evaluation


Retreat Recordings Available

Recordings from the last Maggasekha Retreat – Suttas : Framework for Study and Practice are now available –

Insight Timer This Saturday

Sutta Retreat Starts Next Friday

My first ever Sutta retreat, for understanding and becoming more comfortable with the suttas, as a framework for both study and practice, starts a week from today. Come join me!

Maggasekha Facebook Page Created

If you are on facebook, please join the new Maggasekha page to support the growth of the organization – https://www.facebook.com/maggasekha

Doing the livestreams since the new service, its usually much easier to stream(and see people on facebook’s chat as opposed to now where I pay attention to my phone).

Dhammapalooza Tonight 8pm est

Satipatthana Retreat Recordings Available

Full Recordings from the previous Satipatthana retreat is up. Four Parts about an hour and a half each –

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