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Now in North Carolina until July 17th : Schedule of Events

Greetings everyone, I am vihara-sitting for Ayya Suddhamma in North Carolina at the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara. As such Ayya and I have tried our best to merge our sessions in such a way so that I’m not too overburdened with taking on 7-8 Dhamma teachings a week for the next five weeks. I am going to attempt to use both Ayya’s Zoom, and my … Read More Now in North Carolina until July 17th : Schedule of Events

No Dhammapalooza Tonight

Im away on a short trip so I dont have the time or equipment to do it. Dhammapalooza will also be moving to Tuesdays for the next month or so as Ill be merging it with a session of Ayya Suddhamma’s when I look after her place starting next week.

This Wednesday Afternoon

15 Years Ago…

15 years ago this Vesak, I became a Buddhist. Vesak 2008, at Bodhi Monastery in northern New Jersey. I was 340lbs, and knelt painfully for a half hour during a ceremony done in only Chinese, although I knew what I was undertaking as I had been studying Buddhism for a year and a half or so by that point. On that day I took … Read More 15 Years Ago…

Dhammapalooza Tonight

Insight Timer Sessions Return This Saturday

dhammapalooza in 1 Hour

Dhammapalooza and all activities Resume Tonight

now that im back from my month long travels, we’ll get back into the normal stream and event schedule. Dhammapalooza tonight 8pm NYt

Colorado Springs

The view from the front door of the Thai Wat I’ve been staying at. Thats Pikes Peak in the distance, 14,000 feet. I was told there is a really nice forest ,called the black forest , at the foot of the mountain that would be a good spot for a forest monastery. Its been a very productive visit to Colorado so far, much more … Read More Colorado Springs

Spreading Awareness of a Great Endeavor in California

California friends, you may be unaware of a great endeavor currently going on in your state by a monastic. I am sharing this with you all in hopes it may bring benefit to Tahn Jagaro as he is in the middle of attempting an almost 1000 mile tudong (monastic wandering) from LA to just below San Franciso. I had the honor of coincidentally staying … Read More Spreading Awareness of a Great Endeavor in California

Off to California

Off to California and Colorado for the month. Spending time at Karuna Buddhist Vihara and Abhayagiri, then a week in Colorado Springs. all live streams and online activities put on hold until im back at Empty Cloud in May.

Ask a Bhante

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