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Two New Retreats for May and June

Two new weekend zoom retreats coming in May and June First on living the Noble eightfold Path : the weekend of  May 14&15 : Second is on Satipatthana, the foundations of mindfulness, the weekend of June 25&26 :

Ask a Bhante

“Does Buddhist advocate improving material conditions to help people get to a more content state”

Dhammapalooza in 6 Hours

Ask a Bhante

Ask a Bhante, every Wednesday, have a question you think I should answer? post in comments or send me an email.

Available for Travel, Visiting and Sharing Dhamma

Hello friends, I just wanted to write this reminder to share as things open up that I am open to accepting invites for travel , both to share Dhamma, or just to visit for a time, or for Vassa invites. Of course Zoom sessions are also always on the table. As a Nomad monastic I truly rely on the generosity of individuals for places … Read More Available for Travel, Visiting and Sharing Dhamma

Facebook Memory from the Early Days.

Bhikkhu Jayasara March 27, 2015 · Shared with Public Ive been doing a lot of contemplation on my life lately. One of the good things about living at a monastery is that even if its busy you can still find a little time for said activity. Ive come to the conclusion that there are two things in this life that have brought me the … Read More Facebook Memory from the Early Days.

Zoom Retreat April 1-3 with Upavana

Tahn Pamutto of Upavana( and myself will be doing a jointly lead Zoom retreat the weekend of April 1- 3. Come join us for a weekend of Dhamma with a variety of topics covered. sign up here –

Ask a Bhante

Insight Timer Session This Saturday

I do live stream sessions on Insight Timer these days. If you have the program and want to join, check the link below:

When I Made it Public for the First Time..

“8 Years Ago See your memories Bhikkhu Jayasara Shared with Public So I have some news that I figured I’d share on here since everyone who would care to know can see it all at once and save me a lot of explaining. For some this news may seem out of the blue and for others not so much. Close friends and family have … Read More When I Made it Public for the First Time..

Dhammapalooza Tonight 8pm Est

Ask A Bhante

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