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Three Things Not Long Hidden

You can’t hide from the truth, even in the darkest depths of your mind, living out of sync with reality, with expectations not in line with reality, avoiding hard truths, just creates more suffering for yourself . Live not by lies, accept truth, and live in accordance with nature, and your suffering will fall away like autumn leaves. harder to do externally in times … Read More Three Things Not Long Hidden

Little Rock

waiting for my connecting flight, coming back from a rewarding weekend with new Dhamma friends from a place I never expected to visit in this lifetime. meeting people from all over, being invited into their Dhamma family for a short time, and discussing Dhamma and many other things with them, its quite meaningful and rewarding to me… but now im tired and need some … Read More Little Rock

A Weekend of Dhamma in Little Rock

for the first time since covid, im flying to another state( Arkansas) to share a weekend of Dhamma with people in person. in these last three years, ive been on more planes then in the past 20 years of my life, but its all been for my development and growth on the path. Its a good time now for me to get back to … Read More A Weekend of Dhamma in Little Rock

Metta Convention, March 26th

I will be taking part in a day of Dhamma teachings by various monastics hosted by a group in Sydney Australia. All times are Sydney times, which means for east coast Usa most sessions will be afternoon/night the day before.

No MME Today, Return Tomorrow

going out on all morning pindapat this morning, will return to doing MME tomorrow(Thursday)

No MME this morning

Ill be going on an all morning pindapat today so no MME this morning.

Ask a Bhante

Addendum on Energy and Nutrition

6 Years a Bhikkhu Vlog

The Journey Into Homelessness VLOG Continues, 11 years worth now, from lay person to monastic.

Ask a Bhante

Dhammapalooza in One Hour

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