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I am vihara-sitting for Ayya Suddhamma in North Carolina at the Charlotte Buddhist Vihara. As such Ayya and I have tried our best to merge our sessions in such a way so that I’m not too overburdened with taking on 7-8 Dhamma teachings a week for the next five weeks.

I am going to attempt to use both Ayya’s Zoom, and my youtube as much as I can for the same session, so the people used to the medium (zoom, youtube, insight timer, etc) they like can continue to use it, but testing will show what adjustments we may need to take.

Firstly, its important for those of you in the Maggasekha community who don’t attend Ayya’s sessions, to know that she organizes everything over the website Meetup, so its best to bookmark this and find the zoom links etc there :

For those of you who are coming to my page and not familiar with my sessions, best thing to do is keep this website bookmarked for news, or put your email in the box to the right to receive email notifications.

This is what the Schedule of Events currently looks like, subject to change if need be, both in time/date/medium.

Bhante J’s Schedule of Events while at Charlotte Buddhist Vihara :

(All Events can be In Person at the Vihara if you wish to come in person- Subject to Change if it’s too much for Bhante)

  • Morning Monastery Experience(MME) : Monday – Friday 8am on my Youtube(+zoom on wednesday)
  • 6:00pm Tuesdays ( Merges with Dhammapalooza, 2 hour session, on Zoom and Youtube)
  • 8am Wednesdays (not 10:30am, merged session, We will be doing the normal 1/2 hour MME plus meditation after on zoom)
  • 6:00pm Thursdays (this is Ayya’s normal session, Bhante J does not have a personal session on this day, so nothing to merge)
  • 3:00pm Saturdays (not 2:00pm, merged session on Zoom & Insight Timer)

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