I was asked a question via my old tumblr, and I figured it may be of benefit here:
Dear Jayantha, To what extent do you use routine in your practice (in terms of using certain types of meditation and contemplations at set times) and to what extent is your practice free flowing? Your brother in the Dhamma, Simon P.s. I humbly thank you for all that you share online. Your videos and dhamma have been immeasurably valuable on my journey on the path.
I would say that I have a certain framework I use, but I don’t hold on to it too rigidly.
Routine and structure are a large part in how I keep my life together. I thought that when I became a monk I wouldn’t need to make a daily schedule, but then I realized I wasn’t getting in all my study and practice without one, so I’ve been on a schedule ever since. Days when I’m on my schedule I get in all my meditation and study, days that I fall off schedule due to outside events, I find it hard to get things done.
So that being said, my meditation usually begins with walking meditation and then sitting meditation. Usually I split it 30-30 although I feel the focus of my practice lately has been to develop my concentration so I’m doing a little more sitting then walking. I also get in some metta and mindfulness of death in my early morning and final meditations, so for those periods I usually walk for 10 minutes, metta and mod for 10 minutes, then sit for at least 30.
Throughout the day I also try to maintain basic sati and practice the four foundations of mindfulness in all my actions, to varying degrees of success :).
So in the end I would say that a balance of rigidity and fluidity is required. It is important for the development of strong habits that you are consistent, but it is important for growth that you remain open and flexible.

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