I will be returning to Buddhist Insights June 16-18 to lead a weekend retreat on cultivating a mindfulness of death. When the links are available I will post them in the future. Here is the introduction:

“Do you ever take the time to think about death? Yours and your loved ones? Most people would emphatically say no, and so they live in fear and dread throughout their lives, seeking to avoid any thought or encounter with death and its close companions, old age and sickness.

Cultivating and living with a mindfulness of death does the opposite of what one might expect. Instead fear and sadness, it cultivates peace, acceptance, compassion, and a drive to live your life in a way that is the most beneficial to you and others, for as long as you have left.

The Buddha said that mindfulness of death is of great benefit, come spend the weekend with Bhante J facing your fears, because beyond those fears is freedom.”

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