Think about this: why is it that when we see someone talking positive about themselves, using positive self talk, we think its corny, funny, or silly, and we laugh even when we try to talk in a positive manner to ourselves, like we don’t think its real, we think its fake.

Yet we don’t think that way when harsh self judgment and criticism arises in our mind, we don’t think that is corny or stupid, for some reason we accept that as true, that “yeah I really am this”, without a second thought.

This thought arose in my mind a few weeks back in the middle of my metta retreat in NYC while doing some walking meditation. This is why positive self talk and reminding yourself of the good you do is so important, even if at first you find it silly or fake.

Once you begin to not take yourself and your thoughts too personally, you accept the negative self talk less, and see the benefit of the positive self talk more. When you become your own best friend and really MEAN the positive self talk, with a mind of metta, it’s not so corny anymore.

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