​Normally at this time I’m getting ready to enter into a month of silent seclusion in February, but thats not in the cards this year. 

Just a little over a week until the start of the NYC Metta Retreat with Buddhist Insights. The goal of this retreat is to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and modern practice, to show how the suttas can act as a guide for how we live our lives, even in modern times. 

I’ll be sticking around NY/NJ afterwards until the 19th as I will now be taking part in activities at a Catholic college, doing some meditation, metta, interfaith dialogue and who knows what else as part of a week long set of events at the college.

So the last two seclusions I experienced one aspect of the monks life,solitary meditative seclusion, this month I’ll be experiencing the other, sharing the dhamma with the people. I’m already feeling a little sad at not having a month to myself, but sharing the dhamma with others is always worth it.

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