After a near 4 year hiatus, “Ask a Bhante” series returns. Do you have a question you’d like me to answer, not only for your benefit but also the benefit of others? then you can type it here or send it to me via email or social media.

1 Comment on “Ask a Bhante Returns

  1. Bhante

    I am in the quest for peace and contentment for long time. Practicing meditation also for several years. I did see glimpse of contentment over the years. Samsara is giving me hear aches for sure due to attachment – pleasing others as I have been doing from very young. I am longing for a life in monastery or ashram where I can just practice and hopefully have some peace. On the other hand I also think I have to do some mastery in lay life going through this. I like to know from you how things changed for you when you deepened your practice by associating with a monastery and became a monk? Would you recommend that for anyone else?

    Thank you

    Sindhu Jaideep Sent from my iPhone



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