I just wanted to thank all of you who have been supporting me with Dana in the last year or so of me being a nomad monk.

Since i am no longer living at and being supported by an established and well supported monastery, this support has been extra special in helping with medical, travel, and requisite needs.

It was hard for me to truly understand and appreciate how my life depends on others while living at Bhavana. Now I have a deeper gratitude then ever before for all the support you all have shown me because I understand the value of this generosity more.

Now it is up to me as a monastic to be worthy of that support. The suttas tell us that a monk “ eats the countries alms food a debtor” until awakening, so its up to me to strive to better myself and spend some away to work on myself so I can grow to become a good monk with deep wisdom that I will be able to share with you all.

Thanks again.

Bhante J

1 Comment on “Thank You

  1. Very good to hear from you Bhante, it’s an opportunity for us too.

    Take care and be well.

    Gautam and Bela ________________________________


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