Its been a while since I did a nomad monk update, which I usually do during a transition period. A few weeks back I left the secluded mountain top farm in West Virginia and I’m currently in New Jersey, mostly doing some housekeeping things( had a visit with my PCP, blood work, dental, vaccinations, etc etc) .

In terms of where I’ll be next, nothing is set in stone but I have some irons in the fire. I’m currently thinking about where I’ll be for the Vassa, that is unknown as of yet. One thing that I definitely plan on doing, if external conditions allow it, is to do a Colorado visit for a week or so, I need to start going out there to make more connections and scope the place out.

I’m open to do zoom events and as things start to open up, to travel to share Dhamma as well, I’m still trying to make up for the monastery visits I had planned in 2020 to spend time with senior monastics at a variety of monasteries and learn from them, hopefully that will start to become reality as things open up.

All in all, I am rather enjoying the nomadic life, It’s not very worry some(although I do worry about being too much of a burden on any one particular support), its quite freeing and not being too burdened is wonderful, not getting too comfortable in any one place because I’ll be moving on, as it says in the Metta sutta, “with few duties, living lightly”

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