Some of you may know that among my weekly sessions of sharing Dhamma, one is on the discord Sangha(students of the path/maggasekha), one is on my youtube channel live stream, and on Saturdays I do an hour session on a virtual world program called Second life.

There is an online virtual sangha, called The Buddha Center, that has existed on Second Life for over a decade now. on Second Life, virtual real estate costs real world money, so the Buddha Center exists not unlike any other brick and mortar organization, on the donations of others. I’ve been on staff for almost ten years now, first as a facilitator, then lay teacher, and now monastic.

Here is an example of me doing my regular session in the Deer Park on Second life :

The first monastic I ever heard speak live was on the Buddha Center. I did not have a local Buddhist community near me, so BC became my Buddhist home. Multiple times a week I logged in to learn from various teachers and become part of a community. It has been so impactful to my path, and I am so grateful for it’s continued existence, that I’ve made a vow that however long BC still exists, and in whatever form, I’ll continue to offer teachings when I can. These days it’s every Saturday at 5pm Eastern.

Here is a short 5 minute video explaining the BC from lay life days :

Now, You say you want to join me on second life, but how do I do it? Maybe you feel intimidated by what the process might be? fear not, the process is actually easier then you might expect, it’s also fast, and free.

First things first is go to download and install the program(about 30mb) at this link :

create your free subscription(there will be nothing you need to pay for to join and listen to my sessions) here

you can check out this video for help if needed :

Once you’ve installed it you will most likely see this screen:

Put in your name and password and click log in

once you log in, don’t get overwhelmed, look at the options at the top, click on world, then search, like in this picture :

Now, you can search for two things, the Buddha Center Itself, or me:

search “Buddha center” and the first one that comes up should be the right place, then click on teleport and you’ll go to the Buddha Center, in the location you see me in this pic :

you will be in sight of the deer park, only a short walk(use keys W S A D, press enter to type). You can search and contact me and I can teleport you to my position if need be.

And then you can right click on a cushion, select sit, and be ready to spend an hour with me sharing Dhamma. If you have any other troubles that this tutorial doesn’t fix, then feel free to email me :

This concludes the tutorial, I hope you see you at the Buddha Center.

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