I’ve decided to do a weekly live stream event for the time being on my youtube channel. To access the livestream you can always go to this link, to be able to type in the chat I think you need a youtube account : https://www.youtube.com/studentofthepath/live

The Initial plan is for this to be Thursdays from 7pm-9pm. The Concept will be a Dhammapalooza or Dhamma Variety get together, meaning that you can come with topics you’d like me(or the group together there) to discuss, I can answer questions, read suttas, we can discuss our practice and living in the world skillfully.

It will be wide open and free flowing from 7-9, meaning that you don’t need to come for the whole time, people can come in and go out as they wish.

As always I don’t delve into politics and other disputatious topics, so these two hours can be a nice break from the goings on in the world where Dhamma friends can come together.

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