First thing I wanted to mention is that when I first was able to get the website link people had mentioned to me that it would be better if it were an org, and actually I agree with that so I was able to procure as well.

My idea with maggasekha(student of the path) is to eventually perhaps make it into some kind of organization, whether official as a non profit, or unofficial, for the dissemination of Dhamma in the west, not to dissimilar to Bhante Yuttadhammo’s

Of course our online Sangha on Discord is also MaggaSekha/Students of the Path. We just celebrated our 3rd year and are more active then ever, coming close to finishing the Majjhima Nikaya from front to back in our Sunday Sutta Sessions.(learn more and join :

I also just wanted to make a reminder to check the various sections at the top of the blog page for various audio links and articles.

contains all the major article series I’ve written in the past. I have many ideas in the pipeline for future articles that I hope to get to once I have more time and energy.

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