Some 2019 Bhavana Housekeeping Announcements :
Now that Bhavana is officially out of seclusion and gearing up to start a new year, I wanted to post up some reminders and announcements.
Firstly, Bhavana is always looking for residents. If you would like to stay for one week, or one year, you are welcome to apply with a residency application on the website :
Secondly, although we have a cook currently, that position tends to change hands every year or so, and hence Bhavana is always accepting applications and interest in living at Bhavana in the paid cook position :
If you are interested in attending Bhante G’s Saturday Dhamma/Pali sessions, keep an eye out on the website as the date it starts up for the year and subsequent dates will be posted there on the front page.
I look forward to a new year of sharing Dhama with all of you, and helping to maintain and grow Bhavana as a place for all people to come to learn and experience the Dhamma first hand.
– Bhante J

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