here is the FULL file for zooming and better quality :
I haven’t done any dhamma graphics in some time, but I had the idea for this a few weeks back and just finished it up now that I had more time.
This is essentially showing most of the main classifications of conditions that keep us in samsara. I know that the Taints and the Floods are not on here, but I felt them less well known and not as important(based on how often spoken about in suttas) to the overall scheme of the graphic.there is also only so much you can fit in without it getting to large and cluttered.
As we destroy the fetters we progress through the four stages of awakening from Stream-Enterer to Once-Returner, Non-Returner, Arahant.
The Buddha repeatedly gives the definition for Nibbana as the ending of greed, hatred, and delusion, often called the three roots of craving. And of course past craving we have the ultimate cause.. the root, of our bondage, ignorance, which upon it’s uprooting brings freedom.
For those who know Dhamma, feedback is always appreciated, especially if i’m blatantly wrong, I often go through multiple versions of these graphics and the point of them is to be as accurate and authentic as possible and not to mislead anyone.
Feel free to copy and share anywhere as much as you want. I put my info on the graphics for people to be able to contact me with feedback or concerns.

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