Setting the Groundwork For Change

New Twitter + Social Media Links

The new name mean more new social media. You can find twitter here –

The rest of my social media links can be found on the right side of the page here —–>>>

Full Higher Ordination Video

If you’re interested in what a higher ordination is like, this video covers the whole thing and more. The first 25 minutes or so are the ceremony, then Bhante G goes over the whole ceremony again in English for all of us to understand.


Q&A Excerpt: Remorse and Regret

Latest short Q&A excerpt from a recent retreat.

New Youtube Short: Last Words Prior to Ordination – Son of the Sakyan

+ – The 4 year Archive of My Journey Into Homelessness and Dhamma Blog

For those who are coming to this new Dhamma blog on WordPress and don’t know about the documentation of my journey, you can head over to the link above to check it out.

you can also specifically check out posts with the #studentofthepath hashtag for monastic journey related posts, including many about the last two years living at a monastery –

I’ve also been documenting via video for years on my youtube channel –

and more specifically on the playlist – “A Journey Into Homelessness”

If you like the youtube channel, please consider subscribing to join the community and be notified of future video content.

Thank you to everyone for your support and kind words on this journey. I am happy to be of service and always glad to hear that what I do has been beneficial to someone.

– Bhikkhu Jayasāra

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