**The rules regarding giving to monastics can be quite complicated and different traditions have different perspectives and interpretations about them.  Provided here is a very basic primer for donating followed by various ways you can donate to Bhante J**

Monastics cannot ask for anything without being offered first, nor can a monastic accept money directly. A steward is designated by the monastic as the lay person who handles all money transfers. If money is given for the monastics support then the steward handles purchasing items needed by the monastic with the money donated. Online donations of items through Amazon or money to support Bhante J that goes to the care of a lay steward is permissible.

A lay person may give an offer to a monastic such as “do you need anything?” or “if you ever need anything in the future please tell me”. When that is done then the monastic can ask if there is a need. If you require some clarification with the rules you can email Bhante J at any time with questions : bhikkhujayasara@gmail.com

If you wish to donate money to Bhante J outside of the virtual links provided, you can ask for the name and contact information of his steward , which is proper to keep within the bounds of monastic Vinaya. Bhante J cannot direct you to give anything to his steward, he can ONLY give you the information for you to contact the steward.

For Bhante’s personal basic requisite needs, amazon gift cards are best, however Bhante does have various yearly expenses for the website, video/audio online storage, and other fees related to his online Dhamma work. There is also unforeseen circumstances like medical and travel bills that may arise. Donations via Venmo, Patreon or Paypal are best for those as gift cards cannot be used to pay for them.

If you wish to donate an item you can speak with Bhante on how to have it delivered. You can also use the digital links below:

  • Amazon gift cards(and gift cards to other online places where Bhante J could have needed item’s delivered) are always useful and acceptable.

Patreon(for supporting website/media) – https://www.patreon.com/maggasekha

Cashapp – $maggasekha

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