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Ajahn Brahmali on Impermanence

Impermanence : What Can We Rely On?

“In the Ocean of Samsara, what can you hold on to, to keep from drowning?…. Nothing” short clip from a recent talk on Dukkha during the 3 Characteristics of Existence Retreat.  

Dukkha : Laying Down the Burden

“Dukkha is the result of how we relate to reality. If we cling to what is impermanent, what is undependable, we cause our own suffering. Dukkha is not something that somebody else, the universe or whatever, puts on us, Dukkha is what we take up, we take up the Burden ourselves”. “If we have the responsibility of this Dukkha, if we are creating our … Read More Dukkha : Laying Down the Burden

Interview with Bhante Analayo on Vedana(feeling)

Vimala Bhikkhuni – The Buddha’s Teaching of No-Self: Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs

  Dhamma Talk – Various Aspects of Metta  

Respecting the Variety of Buddhist Traditions

Following the journey of a possible future Bhikkhuni(female monastic)

I wanted to share the video log of a friend of mine whom I met a few months ago. She resides over in Australia and is on the path towards becoming a Bhikkhuni. I’m happy that she is doing a video log of her journey as I believe it will be of great benefit for women who wish to follow the same path, as … Read More Following the journey of a possible future Bhikkhuni(female monastic)

Setting the Groundwork For Change

New Twitter + Social Media Links

The new name mean more new social media. You can find twitter here – The rest of my social media links can be found on the right side of the page here —–>>>

Full Higher Ordination Video

If you’re interested in what a higher ordination is like, this video covers the whole thing and more. The first 25 minutes or so are the ceremony, then Bhante G goes over the whole ceremony again in English for all of us to understand.  

Q&A Excerpt: Remorse and Regret

Latest short Q&A excerpt from a recent retreat.

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