15 years ago this Vesak, I became a Buddhist.

Vesak 2008, at Bodhi Monastery in northern New Jersey. I was 340lbs, and knelt painfully for a half hour during a ceremony done in only Chinese, although I knew what I was undertaking as I had been studying Buddhism for a year and a half or so by that point.

On that day I took the refuge and precepts and my journey down the Noble Eightfold Path officially began.

I had been a meditator three years by that point, and as I often say, I became a meditator not thinking I’d become a Buddhist, and I became a Buddhist not thinking I’d become a monastic, but that is how the path unfolded.

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  1. So wonderful, Bhante. I have loved your journey, from the early days when I was there during the white robe days at Bhavana!

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