The view from the front door of the Thai Wat I’ve been staying at. Thats Pikes Peak in the distance, 14,000 feet.

I was told there is a really nice forest ,called the black forest , at the foot of the mountain that would be a good spot for a forest monastery.

Its been a very productive visit to Colorado so far, much more then i expected, especially meeting new people who seem willing to help Maggasekha in Colorado become a possibility. Ill have multiple temples and more people to meet before my flight on Sunday.

Maggasekha in Colorado continues to look promising, but its early days yet, and Im open to the possibility of setting root in another place, but ideally i’d still like to be in the middle of the country by the Rockies somewhere.

Im attempting to put together a group of lay people living here together so we can brainstorm and organize how to meet goals and growth for the future. Its slowly growing.

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  1. Sadhu! This is such an exciting possibility. Is there a way to contribute to this project?

    • Margaret, there are many ways to contribute, from monetary support, to sharing Maggasekha media/website, to helping me make more connections if you know anyone in Colorado.

      regardless of where I and Maggasekha land in the world, I will always be offering teachings online as I always do, any means of support helps Maggasekha grow for the benefit of people in the Americas.

  2. Very happy to see this positive update. Best wishes, Bhante! Your sincere efforts and enthusiasm for making your vision come true are sure to bring success!

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