Ever have trouble with reading the suttas? This retreat may be for you :

Understanding The Suttas: Framework for Study and Practice


Sutta Reading 101 , A Weekend Zoom Retreat with Bhante Jayasara

The Suttas are the collection of the earliest teachings of the Buddha. They contain ageless wisdom and are a foundation for study and practice.

They are also repetitive, hard to get into, and contain a cultural context that can be at times confusing and alien to us in the modern world. These and other factors can act as a barrier to entry and a place of confusion for many people new to Buddhism, and experienced meditators alike.

Bhante Jayasara has been studying the Suttas for almost 15 years and will be sharing his hard earned insights of how to read, understand, and put into practice, the ancient teachings of the Buddha found in these texts. If you are struggling with getting into the suttas, then this retreat should be of benefit to you.

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