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I just wanted to write this reminder to share as things open up that I am open to accepting invites for travel , both to share Dhamma, or just to visit for a time, or for Vassa invites. Of course Zoom sessions are also always on the table.

As a Nomad monastic I truly rely on the generosity of individuals for places to stay, food to eat, clothing and medicine and all the other little things related to sharing DHamma in the modern age. I am grateful for all of you who support me with monetary donations. This year so far has been a big learning lesson for me in impermanence as plans fall through and I need to rely on fewer people for a place to stay. It’s an interesting time to investigate fears and motivations as things become more uncertain, however I do keep in mind one important thing Ajahn Brahm told me years ago, “Trust in Kamma to Provide”. So I try to balance out how much I plan and actively try to get things happening, with letting go, I don’t quite know I have that balance down just yet.

If you’d like me to come to your neck of the woods, for a weekend to share Dhamma, or to hang around for a few weeks, feel free to send me an email and we can talk about it. I’m pretty much free of long term schedules now, so I’m open.

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  1. Hi Bhante J,Are you open to a zoom relationship as an individual dharma teacher? I have been working with a dharma teacher in our sangha, but since I am now on the teacher team, I am looking for someone new. I loved your presentation to our sangha that I hosted and feel I would benefit from your guidance. Also, my partner went to Stockton College and she says that makes you a good one. She’s from South Plainfield. Let me know if you are available and interested. I would want to meet at least once a month. Thanks… Larry Dawalt

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