Today is my last day in Colorado and the end of a four and a half month journey. I take a red eye flight(11:30pm) tonight to florida and a morning flight back to New Jersey.

Colorado was great, made some friends, learned a lot, got to go into the mountains, and discuss my vision with a few people.

In a week all my livestream stuff will be back, Monday night Dhammapalooza, Morning Monastery Experience, etc.

I also have some videos to make for the channel, explaining just exactly my vision and plans for Maggasekha as an organization and setting roots in Colorado.

It will be good to get back to “regular” nomadic monk life, and Its time to start looking into where ill be staying month to month in 2022.

Im also open to start sharing Dhamma again, I have multiple zoom sessions with various Buddhist groups already scheduled, so if you have a group and would like me to do an event with you, just send me a pm.

2 Comments on “Back East

  1. Dear Bhikkhu Jayasara,
    I have greatly enjoyed following your journeys over the last few months and felt privileged and inspired to have shared some small part with you. I particularly enjoyed reading about your sojourn in the woods…..Thank you! I hope your vision for the next phase comes to fruition and look forward to listening again to your Dhamma talks….( even though I am still a little shy when it comes to live stream!)
    With my best Metta and gratitude
    Steve (UK)

    • Steve,

      Live streams for you would mean staying up pretty late, I understand :). Thank you for the kind words and I’m glad my Dhamma sharing has been of benefit to you.

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