My nomadic journey continues, my stay at Abhayagiri was very fruitful and ive been invited to visit again in the future , today its a drive down to LA to stay a few days at the Indonesian Vihara there. ive been asked to do a day long retreat with them on Saturday, then Sunday I catch my flight to Colorado where i’ll be spending Thanksgiving week, then back to NJ for December.

Ive been in California since July 13th, and while the whole trip has been amazingly beneficial and fruitful, i’m a bit travel weary, im looking forward to being back in my normal day to day mode in a few weeks.

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  1. So good to hear about your positive experience through these months. It will be almost 5 months that you spent away from New Jersey and that too, practicing hard, so it will be a relief for you to come back. Happy for you that although very demanding, you gained a lot from your time spent there, so you have a feeling of satisfaction when you reflect on it. May you continue to be well, Bhante!

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