my abode at Karuna Buddhist Vihara for the next two weeks

I’m here on the next step of my journey, hanging out off grid(yep, not even power grid) with two tough hard working wilderness Bhikkhunis, Ayya Santussica and Ayya Cittananda of Karuna Buddhist Vihara.

I am still due a final video from my Vassa with the DhammaDharini Ayyas, its been a hectic kathina weekend and Im still recovering and settling in. I also feel like I need to contemplate the end of my wonderful vassa some more before speaking about it.

Im here until November 9th then ill be going completely offline for a week at Abhayagiri, before heading down to LA.

Its been quite a journey so far, and I admit a part of me is missing being in comfortable familiar surroundings and doing my livestreams and the like, but I still have a good amount of journey left before I return, and I’m trying to make the best of each day here in Cali.

1 Comment on “Settling in at KBV

  1. Bhante, reading about your Vassa experiences and the communities you are visiting is fascinating and inspiring. Thank you!

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