My 5th Vassa , and my time at Aranyabodhi Hermitage is at an end, and the rest of my travels begins. I do not return to NJ until November 28th. In a few days I’ll be spending time at Karuna Buddhist Vihara with Ayya Cittananda and Ayya Santussika Bhikkhuni, then its off to Abhayagiri for a week and after that down to LA to spend a few days with Indonesian friends before leaving California and landing in Colorado! where ill be spending Thanksgiving week touring and site seeing, then after that the final trip back east.

This vassa was a wonderful and needed experience for me and I am very grateful to Ayya Tathālokā Bhikkhunī, Ayya Kaccāyana Bhikkhunī, Thāvirā Sāmaṇerī and the other residents for taking good care of me while I hung out at Ravenmist camp , which was up the mountain off hermitage grounds in a nice secluded place, doing my best to develop my skills as a monastic and better myself as a practitioner.

we had quite a unique and rare multinational fellowship of monastics at the hermitage this year, an interesting group that really bonded well. But just like any fellowship, there comes a time when it must break apart as people go their separate ways, anicca 🙂.

In many ways I feel like a new person moving forward, with joy, gratitude, and zeal for the path i’ve not had in some time, but have been working towards and setting the groundwork for a few years now, this vassa was like the final catalyst for a near phoenix-like rebirth of mind and practice, and i’m looking forward to the future and building myself and Maggasekha further.

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  1. We were thinking about you through this Vassa period and this is so beautiful to hear! Continued well wishes to you for progress on the path!

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