“Wicked One, I will not become fully extinguished until I have monk disciples … nun disciples … layman disciples … laywoman disciples who are competent, educated, assured, learned.
Not until my spiritual life is successful and prosperous, extensive, popular, widespread, and well proclaimed wherever there are gods and humans.’”

Just a quick message, if you are a Buddhist and care about the longevity of the teachings, then you may know that the Buddha linked the thriving of the four-fold assembly(them being learned, wise, etc) to the length and quality of the Buddhasasana’s existence.

That being said, the Theravada Bhikkhuni order is a vital part of the Dhamma lasting long, so they deserve our support to practice without much worry and grow wise. This is what the generosity of the laity does, allows the monastic to practice well and in turn share their wisdom and the Dhamma with the people, growing the four-fold assembly.

Its no secret that Bhikkhunis and Bhikkhuni monasteries are not as well supported as the Bhikkhu ones, for a variety of reasons, so those of us who wish to see the fourfold assembly thrive should try and take care of all the monastics as much as possible, because both thriving Bhikkhus and thriving Bhikhuis are needed for the continued survival and growth of the Dhamma, especially here in the west where we place a high value on equality.

I am honored to know, and to learn from, many good Bhikkhunis. As many of you know, I am very keen on growing the Dhamma in America, so lets all do our part to support and help the Bhikkhuni order grow for the benefit of all beings who will be able to learn the Dhamma and work towards their own freedom.

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