For my Colorado friends, I’m planning a trip this summer or fall. The idea of moving to Colorado has been something I’ve mentioned on here before. Over the last year the number of people from Colorado I’ve come to know has greatly increased, as well as offers of a bed to stay in when I visit.

When I come to Colorado will depend on whether I can do Vassa in California, that is pending. But all my friends who are in Colorado, if you would like to be able to help me tour around and get to know Colorado, that would be appreciated. I already have a few people willing to do so, but its a big job for only one or two people.

The idea for the next few years is for me to visit Colorado a few weeks a year to get to know the state and it’s people, and to make connections with Buddhist organizations and people there. in the next 3-5 years the Idea is to move out there and start building up a base of support enough to rent a small house and go from there, building up the Maggasekha organization and bringing EBT Dhamma to Colorado.When I do come to Colorado this year I will be fully vaccinated, and that combined with things opening up should make it a fairly safe endeavor.

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