In one hour join the MaggaSekha Community on Youtube tonight for Dhammapalooza! A night of Dhamma, including : Chanting, Sutta Readings, Dhamma Talks, Guided Meditation, Q&As, and Community Discussion. Come join the MaggaSekha community for an evening of Dhamma starting 8pm.

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  1. I missed last night but have a question: I am semi retired but still do some business. I get very excited about opportunities to make some money and think about potential deals during the day. When I meditate sometimes I cannot stop thinking of all the potential deals. It is very difficult to let the thoughts just drift away. They keep coming back. Is this greed? Is this suffering? Thanks

    • Kevin,

      I would not necessarily jump to the conclusion of greed, but you could probably see that it is suffering. If you have spent a career doing a certain activity, building up a certain habit, like keeping an eye out for financial opportunities, then it is only natural that even when you fully retire, the mind will continue to do what it has trained and practiced to do for so many years.

      When we sit to meditate, that is when the “monkey mind” or in science “default mode network” kicks in, the mind thinks you are doing nothing so it will start making plans for the future, thinking about current problems, perhaps even contemplate the past. This is all “normal” for the deluded craving mind.

      keep observing, keep watching, and start practicing not giving those thoughts any energy, practice letting them go, not getting agitated for them being there(don’t try to force them away), but also at the same time try not to get caught up in them and keep propagating the thoughts. Allow them to be and go back to your object of meditation. if they keep taking you away, investigate them, why they arise, how they cease, etc.

      You may find little tricks that may work to let the mind rest, like telling your mind that it can think about these things for a time after the meditation, giving it assurances that you understand what is coming up, its importance, but training yourself to understand sitting to meditate is not the time to go over them.

      • Thank you so much Bhikkhu Jayasara for your reply. Yes I have been doing this for over 30 years and I get excited so it is hard to let go but I will continue to improve with my practice and follow the Dhamma. I do enjoy your guided meditations and talks on Insight Timer and the Monday nights Dhammapalooza. See you Monday night.

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