Hello everyone. A few weeks back I had the idea to do a Maggasekha chanting book pdf that is fully hyperlinked. I found it being very tough doing livestream chanting to have people following along get to the right pages as all the pdf chanting books available are not hyperlinked and hard to get through.

This 260 page chanting book is not my own translations or creations. It has selections from Bhante Gunaratana’s “Bhavana Vandana”, Abhayagiri’s chanting book, and various suttas with translations by Bhikkhu Bodhi/Bhante Sujato.

All translations are the products of their translators, this is not for sale, it was only compiled for use with the Maggasekha community, of course anyone is free to use it, but I want to make clear what it was created for.

If you find any grammatical, spelling or other errors, please email me with the page and location so I can fix them : bhikkhujayasara@gmail.com

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  1. Dear Bhikkhu Jayasara. I hope that you and your team are all well and keeping safe. Just needed to thank you heartily for Maggesekha chanting book pdf in English.

    May you and your team continue to enjoy happiness, harmony, joy, equanimity and peace.


    Valerie Leng 🙏🙇‍♀️☸💖❣🍛☕🌸


    P.S. I do enjoy learning how to play the recorder(tenor)but not this way!

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  2. I’m sorry, how soon open it? I can’t get to page two. Can I download it?
    Thank you 🙏🏽

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