Thanks to my Indonesian benefactors I am able to be in a stable place for a time, and I can resume my live streaming and online sessions. all of my personal livestreams will be at my youtube channel live link, here :


Daily 8am Eastern : While I am here I will be doing a daily short 20-30 minute precepts,chanting and Dhamma thought of the day, ala Bhavana Society.

Monday Night : 8pm-10pm Eastern, : Livestream “Dhammapalooza” : Sutta Readings, Chanting, Dhamma Talk, Q&A and Community Discussion

Sunday Morning 9:30am Eastern, : Vihara Parivara Dhamma Acala – Indonesian Buddhist Temple, hosts a weekly talk and Q&A at this youtube channel :

I will be doing most of these Sunday morning sessions while I am here, sometimes they will have other monastics from different places giving the talk and Q&A as well.

I also will do my regular sessions on the discord sangha and on second life:

Saturday Night : 5pm Eastern : Satuday Session on Second Life

Sunday Night : 6pm Eastern : Sutta Smunday on the Discord Sangha

2 Comments on “Resuming Weekly Online Teachings and Livestreams

  1. We attended your 8 am session today morning, and it felt very good to start the day with chanting, and listening to thought of the day. Loved it, and very happy and thankful to you for it. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu!

    • Very good Bela, I will be doing these every day except Sunday(as the Vihara does at 9:30 session every sunday) while I am here and maybe beyond, so long as I have the time and means.

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