I’m now out of seclusion and ready to start 2020. As I stated before this year I will not be doing any travel teaching, but I will be traveling to spend time at various monasteries to learn and grow and take care of myself as a young monastic and for growth in the dhamma as a practitioner.

This is my basic schedule for the year in terms of travels. I post this for a few reasons, one, I will need help in transport between various places, so anyone able to help would be appreciated. Secondly while I’m gone Bhavana could also use visitors to help with the day to day, so thats a good time to come visit Bhavana .

So far the basic framework is this :

April – I will be gone from ~ April 15-29, to spend time at Temple Forest monastery up in NH as well as visit my Buddhist Insights friends at their new place in my home state of NJ.

June – I will be spending near on the whole month in California(where are all my California friends ?:) ). I will be spending a week at Abhayagiri and a week at Wat Metta, I also hope to visit my sisters at Dhammadharini as well Karuna Buddhist Vihara.

anyone willing to help me get between Bhavana and the airport for this one, or help in California, would be helpful.

In August I will be spending a week at Forest Dhamma with Ajahn Dick and the great community there.

in November I will be spending the whole month in Australia to visit various monasteries thanks to a generous donor. I will be spending a week at Ajahn Brahm’s monastery and visiting others.

So thats about it for this year, 4 travel events, I will be sending out an email to my regular transport volunteers to see if they are able to help with transport for any of these, and anyone else willing to be stuck in a car with me for a few hours would also be appreciated 

Starting in 2021 I’ll get back into travel teaching, and most likely will be moving on from Bhavana once I hit my 5th vassa and come off dependence that year.

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