I’m Sharing this recording because it is , to date, my most complete summation of Kamma as taught by the Buddha in the Early Buddhist Texts. We go over what are probably the two most important suttas on Kamma (Majjhima Nikaya # 135 & 136 the Shorter and Greater Analysis of Kamma). I read and provide commentary and context , including what the Buddha has said from various other suttas in the EBTs.


THe Buddha said it would be an imponderable thing to understand the full workings of kamma, so it is wise not to over simplify it, however If I were to give a paragraph as to the Buddha’s summation of Kamma it would be this:


“Your actions matter, in this life and in future lives. Your kamma fully determines how you are born into life. Once born, Kamma continues to play a role, however the Buddha expressly states that not everything that happens to you is due to kamma, there are many other factors, such as environmental, social etc, however even in these situations kamma is interwoven to a greater or lesser degree.. you cannot escape the consequences of your actions, but you can choose how to respond right now in the present moment, because in the present moment, you create your future.”



This is from our weekly sutta reading on our discord Sangha “Students of the Path” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ouyuRStlwM) come join our international sangha of practitioners, link in description.

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