Hello Friends,

There have been some changes and updates for this blog. The first being that it has become a website. Thanks to a generous donation I was able to upgrade to the most basic paid account for WordPress, which came with a bunch of features including no more advertisements on the page(which always felt weird for a page on dhamma), and the ability to use a website URL.

While the old link of bhikkhujayasara.wordpress.com still works, it is now much easier if you only remember two words: Magga & Sekha(http://maggasekha.com).

Magga means path, Sekha means learner, trainee, or student, so you may get where this is going. Maggasekha (pronounced Mug-guh Say-khuh) is the pali for the title of this blog and the youtube channel that I’ve had for a decade now: “Student of the Path”. a Maggasekha is one who travels the Noble Eightfold Path to awakening.

I have also revamped various sections of the website and added lots of content to them. Since there is no easy way to find old articles or old audio/video, I’ve decided to make some pages that have them organized and easily linked.

Below are the various pages and their links. You can find them at the top of the page on http://maggasekha.com  .

SOTP Podcast Episodes


Here I will post in order (with newest on top) both the youtube and audio only (on clyp) links for each episode.


Ask A Bhante


Here I will post each youtube video in the new series where I respond to questions posted for me on youtube, social media, and email.


Featured Articles


All significant writing I will be posting on the website will go here for easy access. You can find all parts to my Metta and Death series here.


Audio/MP3 Content


Here I will post audio series and links that do not fit in any of the other categories.


I can only do what I can online thanks to your generous donations, as pretty much everything involved in making decent quality content costs in one way or another. Thank you for helping me bring more Dhamma content online.

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